About Us

Figgers Health aims at improving the living standard of chronic health patients by introducing them to innovative technology. Figgers Health is dedicated to providing ease for individual of all ages so that they could manage their health condition. Including this smart and affordable technology in your life will not let you compromise on your health anymore.

Figgers Health is a subsidiary of Figgers Enterprises and is leading the charge against diabetes with the most accurate glucose SMART device on the market.

Our mission is to empower others toward health accountability and sustainability. Our device is not only HIPPA certified,but user friendly and manageable. By designing our products easy to use and reliable we guarantee our users results that they can trust. With just a touch of a button our users will be able to upload and share a full range of health results with those whom they designate through our HIPAA compliant cloud system. We believe not only that will we be able to create a new standard in healthcare, but that we can place the "caring" back into the healthcare industry.

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