The advanced features offered by our product and service

Efficient Data management

Securing, managing and analyzing test results for better health assessments and future treatments.

Safe and Exchangeable cloud data

With ONLY your permission you can setup to share the results instant to the important people in your life around the world, your doctor, and your insurance company keeping your glucose under control.

510(K) Approval and CE Certified Clinically approved accuracy

The quality of our product and accuracy of its results is fully evident from the FDA approvals and relevant certifications.


Accurate results with approved and certified product just for 20c per test strip.

Easy to carry

The discreet and portable design makes it easy to carry.

Quick Testing Process

Only 3 easy steps to get the desired results that too within 3-seconds.

A Visual Daily Diabetes Management System

Secure and Shareable Cloud Data

Stay in the Know

Clinically proven accuracy.

Approved by FDA, this blood glucose meter is a patent-pending device that meets international standards by storing the results on EHR (Electronic Health Records).

Budget-Friendly strips

Figgers Health's products are extremely budget-friendly for reducing any health risk. Regardless of the insurance, it is accessible for all chronic health patients.

Test Strip & Lancet Package


We try to keep our Figgers Health products at cost low so regardless of insurance, anyone can afford to care for their health.


Smart interface personal assistance

A Visual Daily Diabetes Management System

Effective Data Management

Portable and Discreet Design

Secure & Shareable Cloud Data

Quick Testing Process

Portable and discreet design

Figgers Health is a portable pocket-sized glucose meter that could easily be carried around while traveling. It comes along with a compact traveling bag to fit in all the necessities related to testing your blood glucose level. This user-friendly and inconspicuous design makes the testing procedure more discreet in the public.

Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter


Figgers Health is a pocket-sized glucose meter that fits in your purse, bag, or backpack. It comes with a compact traveling bag that can fit your testing necessities. Its user-friendly, small, and inconspicuous design makes testing more discreet in public.




“I have noticed a substantial positive change around ever since I got a figgers smart glucose meter for all my employees. A single act of giving something to the employees can bring considerable returns to employers. Figgers smart glucose meter is not only cost-effective but also capable of delivering that positivity in. By creating a sense of care, an employer can gain more and more loyal employees. A positive workplace automatically enhances the overall performances of the employees and less expensive mistakes. A small and straightforward investment on Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter can give a significant return on your investment and leave a long-term positive impact on the work environment.”


"Providing the most exceptional probable care in most pocket-friendly prices is our foremost goal, and we do our best to fulfill it. Consider Diabetes, for instance, if the patients are kept busy, they can take better care of themselves and spend the rest of their life in a better way. It’s noticeable that symptoms reduce, and they admitted that they are feeling much lively. As a result, their insurance companies had to bear fewer medical expenses. A Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter can also play a role in highlighting those fewer once who can show up severe symptoms and prevent any further mishaps. Merely the greatest and a smart choice to reduce overall huge health expenses of patients a keep them happy and healthy for a long time."

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